Optics Holder

Flushable Optics Holder

Purging the entire beam path from the output coupler of the laser to the desired location (workpiece) with inert gas (N2 or Ar) is a well established practice in the UV laser industry.

The major beneficial purging effects are a reduction of the present oxygen (O2), UV light generated ozone (O3), water vapor and outgassed contamination levels in the beam path. O2 and other contaminations strongly absorb the UV radiation, generating ozone (O3) and excited contaminants which attack optical coatings. Purging therefore results in a higher transmission of the UV light, better beam quality and prolonged useful life of the exposed optical elements.

ATL´s flushable optical mount with integrated energy sensor permits quick sealing of the beam output to a vacuum compatible tubing and maintains as well ATL´s easy exchangable mirror concept.


Standard Optics Holder

For cleaning purposes the cassette-mounted optics can easily be removed and replaced.

The mechanically stable construction of the rotating optic cassette ensures that alignment will be maintained during optics removal or replacement and that the laser tube remains sealed during the procedure.

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