About ATL

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About ATL

ATL Lasertechnik GmbH was established in 1993 and made a breakthrough in UV laser technology in 1994 by developing the world's first compact, high repetition-rate, short-pulse excimer laser. ATL has refined this revolutionary concept through several product generations and, today, the ATLEX product range leads the world with its patented preionization and discharge technique. ATL continues to develop compact short-pulse excimer lasers, and remains the technology leader in this area.

What we Do?
The new modern ATL production and sales facility is located in Wermelskirchen, Germany, within 35 km of Cologne (Köln) and only 60 km from the international airport in Düsseldorf. ATL excimer lasers have been successfully applied in industry, science and medicine. The main applications are: Ophthalmology (vision correction), glass and plastic micromachining (e.g. catheters), micro fabrication, geosciences and forensic field (laser ablation for LA-ICP-MS), TOF- spectroscopy, fibre Bragg grating writing. ATL is the pioneer of small sized high repetition rate excimer lasers for vision correction system based on small flying spot method. Since 1995 ATL has delivered over 600 short pulse compact excimer lasers for refractive surgery laser systems. Today ATL is the leading supplier of excimer laser sources for a modern wave front- assisted refractive surgery for a wide range of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism as well as corneal irregularity corrections.
Why you choose our Company?
ATL small excimer lasers are also integrated into market-leading compact UV-micromachining systems for industrial and R&D applications, by our partner Optec. In 1996, Optec introduced the MicroMaster, the world's first compact, high-performance UV laser workstation, based on ATLEX excimer technology. More recently, Optec and ATL introduced ProMaster, an advanced excimer micromachining system for microelectronic applications.

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